Copy of Our Story

Flag & Anthem is a brand for real guys. You know who you are.

You're not trying to play it so safe that you're content to just fit in. You don’t want to wear the same uniform as everyone else. But on the other hand, you don’t want to look like you’re trying so hard that you push the fashion envelope right off the table. You're comfortable being you. Flag & Anthem is subtle, smart, well-made style for the kind of guy who values hard work, but also knows how to unwind and have a good time.


Flag & Anthem is for guys who are confident enough to be themselves.

Guys who know there's a middle place between a weak handshake and trying to crush the other guy's knuckles. Between the past and the future. Between effortless and relaxed. Because let's be honest--too much of each isn't who you are.


How do we know all this?

Because Flag & Anthem was started by two real guys, just like you. We worked in this business long enough to realize something was missing. Like you, we didn't want to pay bottom of the barrel prices for cheap looking stuff and we didn't want to get ripped off either. We want to be neither fashion victims nor executioners. And so we created Flag & Anthem to fill that void. We make clothes that let you be fully yourself. Not too baggy and boxy, but not so skin tight that you feel like you're about to pop a button if you move too quickly. We make clothing for guys who are too busy enjoying life to obsess about micro-trends. We make classics that are always cool.


Flag & Anthem is for real guys. Like you.

Clothing that expresses who you are in a steady, decisive way without needing to shout about it. Because real confidence means knowing you don't have to try that hard. It's a quiet but unshakeable integrity. It's about getting great value at fair prices. It's about timeless style that doesn't bend for trends, but is always of the moment. It's the kind of look you can wear at a concert, a tailgate party, or a first date, knowing you've got something authentic on. Something that says you know who you are.