2019 Year in Review

Happy New Year! Before we dive head first into 2020 we’d like to take a moment to share with you some of our highlights from 2019. It was a great year for us and we appreciate all of you for helping us grow so much the last 12 months!

We certainly had some amazing moments this year! Like in mid-October when Dierks Bentley played the first ever concert at West Point’s historic Michie Stadium. Not only was this a historic moment for a stadium that has hosted many monumental events, but it was a big moment for us as well. That’s because Dierks took this opportunity to unveil the new Folds of Honor Camo Riser design from the stage. We printed this design on tee shirts and hoodies and sold them on our site with all proceeds benefitting Folds of Honor, and they did great! We can’t wait to write a nice big check to Folds of Honor in 2020!

Yet, this wasn’t the only big event for us this past year, since in 2019 we began another partnership, this one with the Carolina Panthers’ star running back Christian McCaffrey. CMC didn’t just shoot two photo shoots with us and wear tons of Flag & Anthem, but also made the NFL pro-bowl and became the second running back ever to rush for 1,000 yards while also racking up 1,000 receiving yards!

Nevertheless, we had some personal growth this year as well. In 2019 we turned 3 years old as a brand, and we also surpassed 50,000 Instagram followers!

Our social media really took off this year with many of our posts getting more and more likes as our following increased. We had many popular posts this year but three stood out the most, as far as likes and shares are concerned. Our third most popular post this year was a laydown we featured with some our newest fall shirts. Fall is our most popular season where our plaids really shine, and folks sure were excited about the new designs.

Our second most popular post in 2019 was an outfit post featuring some our best-selling styles. Every item in this post sold like crazy on flagandanthem.com this year which would explain its popularity. The outfit consisted of the green Belhaven shirt, the med grey Weston shoes, a pair of Castleton chinos, and our Pasadena back pack. While a lot of these items are now sold out or really low on stock, they should make a return to the site in fall of 2020! So, don’t worry if you missed out! Lastly, our most popular post of the year was not a picture, but a movie.

It’s a video we created that introduces Christian McCaffrey as an ambassador for Flag & Anthem. When we announced our partnership with Christian, we flew to Denver for a photo shoot and this behind the scenes video got everyone pumped up for this collaboration which we can’t wait to extend into the new decade!

But the real star this year and every year at flagandanthem.com is the clothing. Our vintage inspired plaids and hoodies were the highlight for 2019. Our three most popular items were all returning items from 2018 and they should be back in 2020 in even more colors! The Belhaven shirt is a super-soft buffalo check shirt that was available in four colors in 2019.

The Harrells shirt is also a classic buffalo plaid, but in a heavy flannel that will be sure to keep warm on those cold days, and available in five different colors.

Lastly, the Mauldin henley hoodie was offered in seven different colors, and it was such a popular item for us that we also introduced it in a long sleeve henley tee and in a long sleeve crewneck as well!

Thank you so much for everything this past year. Please continue to check flagandanthem.com for more and more styles throughout 2020 and we can’t wait to make this year even better than the last!