• Some of 2018’s Best!

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    Happy New Year, and we hope you have an amazing 2019! Why not start off the final year of this decade with some of our best styles from 2018 that are still available on our site? Our customers have spoken and their favorite styles stand out! 

    When it comes to button downs, you know we have you covered. Try the Belhaven shirt, a vintage inspired shirt that’s been pre-washed and faded to look and feel like you’ve owned it forever. The Norway shirt was also...


  • Everything You Need to Stay Warm

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    It’s getting colder out, and you’re going to want to stay warm. However, why should you sacrifice style to do so? Well, you don’t have to and here at Flag & Anthem we have you covered, literally and figuratively, with cold weather options!

    While we have plenty of flannel shirts, would you like something a little warmer than that? Try the Barnett sherpa lined shirt jacket! It’s like a flannel shirt on steroids! The outside is a vintage inspired 100% cotton plaid flannel that you’ve come to expect from us; however, the...


  • Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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    It’s that time of year again, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas when you constantly have one question on your mind; “what in the world would _______ like for a gift!?!?” This question can weigh pretty heavily on one’s psyche and before you know it, you’re out of time! Well, here at Flag & Anthem we want to help guide you towards a stress-free life this Holiday Season!


    For the Handyman:


    Have somebody in your world that can (or tries to) fix everything? They’re going to need some clothing to accompany their gadgets, and we have some great ideas! During the cold season, they’re not going to want to be weighed down by a super heavy jacket or coat. For this reason we recommend...


  • Three Thanksgiving Outfits

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    Do you know what you’re doing this year for Thanksgiving? Headed to see friends, family, co-workers? Will you be doing the cooking, or just eating? Is your football team scheduled to play? Of course, these are all important Thanksgiving questions, but here at Flag & Anthem we’ve thought of one important one which you may have missed, and that is, what will you be wearing?

    You don’t want to show up for a casual dinner in a suit, but at the same time you don’t want to show up in jeans and a tee shirt.  So, what should you wear? Well, we’ve come up with three Thanksgiving outfit choices that are sure to be a hit this year.

    1: Casual

    Plaid is always...


  • BTS: Our Fall/Holiday Photo Shoot!

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    To showcase our new Fall and Holiday collections, we packed a van full of clothes in New York City and drove about two hours to a quiet town in New Jersey. This served as a perfect location, and after traveling by many picturesque farms, wooded areas, and lush green fields we rolled up to a small house, a barn, and a gazebo all nestled in the woods along a beautiful pond.

    The scenic pond looked almost like a mirror reflecting the tall pines as we unpacked the collection and dressed the models. Our jackets and comfy CLICK TO READ MORE


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