BTS Holiday 2017: TevaLand

Our latest holiday photo shoot was a total blast! We packed up our brand-new Holiday 2017 collection and took it out to TevaLand animal sanctuary for a day in wilderness. Not only was the wooded scenery something to behold, but TevaLand was completely full of friendly animals who wanted nothing more than to become our new friends!


Tucked away just one hour outside of New York City in the Ramapo Mountains of Hillburn, NY, TevaLand is a rustic wonderland where goats, pigs, horses, bunnies, chickens, etc. all call home. In fact, we actually had to adjust our set when we were interrupted by four hungry goats who wanted to use the area where we were shooting as their personal buffet! Either that, or they were interested in trying on one of our new hoodies!

TevaLand was the perfect destination to bring our Holiday collection to life. The vintage airstream trailer on the banks of a tranquil pond paired perfectly with our flannels, jackets, corduroy pants, etc. Our line not only looked awesome on our models, but it also looks like it’ll be an exceptional fit for you this winter. It doesn’t matter if you take it on vacation with you to the mountains or to your Aunt’s house for the holidays as our versatile pieces work almost anywhere. You’ll see soon enough, that our new clothing looks quite natural next to a bonfire in the woods, or worn at an office party with your colleagues this winter.   

TevaLand serves a safe haven for mistreated, neglected, or abandoned animals who now get to live out the rest of their lives happily roaming free along the property. It’s pretty great to look around and see just how happy these animals are in this environment. Most animal shelters are not equipped to care for farm animals and that's when Tevaland comes to the rescue! The animal sanctuary operates as a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and is happy to accept any donations to help them with their facilities. It really is a great place to visit and you can even go for an extended stay, because they rent out the airstream, you see prominently featured in our photos, as an Airbnb. Plus, all the proceeds from your stay go right back into keeping the facility up and running. It's win-win situation! 

So please take a look at our new shots! We hope they display just how much fun we had that day at TevaLand! Of course, we also hope you try out some of our new gear as well. We’re super proud of our new products and think it’s our best line yet, all in time to keep you looking sharp this holiday season. Shop the Holiday 2017 collection here

Special thanks to Taly and the crew at TevaLand for their generous hospitality! If you would like to donate click here and check out their facebook and instagram for more pics of those adorable animals!