BTS: Our Fall/Holiday Photo Shoot!

To showcase our new Fall and Holiday collections, we packed a van full of clothes in New York City and drove about two hours to a quiet town in New Jersey. This served as a perfect location, and after traveling by many picturesque farms, wooded areas, and lush green fields we rolled up to a small house, a barn, and a gazebo all nestled in the woods along a beautiful pond.

The scenic pond looked almost like a mirror reflecting the tall pines as we unpacked the collection and dressed the models. Our jackets and comfy flannels looked great on the dock sitting by this amazing pond. However, that’s not all this location had to offer!

Aside from accessing the spread out areas by driving a super cool camouflage all-terrain vehicle, the property housed a vintage jeep, a rope swing, Adirondack chairs, a small row boat, and many other items which you may soon see on our site or Instagram feed. There were also some animals who came out to say hello while we shot. A family of deer swung by to check us out from a safe distance and a few tiny frogs dropped in to see what was up.  Fortunately, we kept the mosquitos away with copious amounts of bug spray.

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