F&A's Dad Guide

What do you get for the guy who always has good advice? The dude who is there for you when your car breaks down? Or maybe the man who taught your kids how to swing a baseball bat?

Shopping for Father’s Day is tough. Perhaps this year you should avoid the cheeky neck tie that he won’t wear, the latest hi-tech gadget you’ll have to explain for two hours, or that sought-after membership to the steak of the month club? Dad could probably use an update on his wardrobe with a modern take on classic Americana clothing. Plus, something that fits well, and doesn’t break the budget won’t hurt either.

Here at Flag & Anthem we want to help! We know there are a ton of Fathers out there and we have something for all of them, but here are some ideas for 5 types of Dads!   

Plus we’ve even got some bonus ideas to round out that gift box!

The Coach - Bolt Hat


Does he coach a team? Whether he’s standing on the sidelines with a whistle and a clip board while six year olds play soccer or he’s in the bleachers shouting “keep your eye on the ball,” chances are this summer he’ll be outside quite a bit. So, help him stay and look cool in one of our vintage style trucker hats. Get the sun out of his eyes and off his face so he can be out there all summer long.

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The Grill Master - Winston Shirt 

Is Dad an “expert chef’ that seems to use only one instrument for his culinary creations? When the weather gets nice, is the BBQ grill an extension of Pop’s arm? If so, let’s keep Dad looking smart and feeling comfortable as he attempts to feed the neighborhood. Our short sleeve woven shirts aren’t just stylish but they’re super comfy. Who needs sleeves when it’s 80 degrees out and you’re standing in front of an open flame? Then, when dad does take off his “Kiss the Cook” apron, let’s make sure he’s presentable to your guests.

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The Golf Pro – Gibson Polo

Is there a room in the house full of trophies with little gold golfers on top? Is he the mayor of the country club who can constantly be found prowling the links? Or maybe he just likes to sleep along to the sounds of Jim Nance’s silky-smooth voice on a Sunday?  If this is the case, then Dad needs to fit in and we’ve got the polos to do just that! Our polos don’t just look great, but their super soft and comfortable. Plus, they fit! They’ve got a tapered athletic cut that doesn’t make pops look like he’s wearing a refrigerator box with a collar, and if he tucks it in the fabric won’t pour over the sides like he’s the Michelin Man. Get him something that he wants and you want to see him wear.

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 Mr. Fix It - Herndon Short


Do you hear a squeak when you open that door? No, you don’t? That’s because Dad has already swooped in armed with a bottle of WD-40. If you’ve never had to hire a handy man this might be the type of Dad you’re dealing with, so why not treat him to a pair of Herndon Shorts? They’ve got cargo pockets perfect for holding screw drivers, duct tape, pliers, or whatever tool Dad needs to save the day! But that’s not all, their slim fit design keeps Dad dapper while getting dirty. Plus, these shorts are manufactured with rip stop fabric, so when he’s on the roof replacing a loose shingle, his shorts won’t rupture if they get caught on the jagged edge of the gutter. Don’t worry though, that gutter is next on the to-do list!  

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The Consultant - Wallburg Chinos 


Are his suits reserved for weddings and funerals only? Does he scoff at the idea of wearing a neck tie to the office? Is it casual Fridays on Monday through Thursday as well? Why not get him a pair of chinos that not only look great, but might just be the most comfortable pants he’ll ever own? Our chinos aren’t simply good looking, but since they are 98% cotton and 2% spandex, they’re also super functional. While 2% doesn’t seem like a lot, it gives Dad the stretch needs to bend down and file something in that bottom drawer without having to pull up on his pant legs for extra room. Dad is bound to thank you for a style upgrade that makes him cozier!

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From haters of warm beer, BottleKeeper has created a neoprene-insulated, stainless-steel bottle holder. It has a padded bottom to prevent breaks, and a screw on top to keep Dad’s favorite malted drink ice cold for extended periods of time (cold beer not included).

Save Dad from his wallet. There’s no need to carry around a ton of receipts, plastics, and photos, anymore. Plus, the curvy strain that a billfold puts on your back isn’t to be messed with. The Ridge Wallet is a minimalist alternative - carried in the front pocket, thin as a cellphone, and ergonomically designed, this makes one of the best gifts for your Father’s Day.

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