GUYS GUIDE: Finding The Perfect Performance Polo

A traditional three-button polo shirt is one of the most versatile shirts any guy could own, but a performance polo takes things to the next level. Designed with advanced features and structured with stretch, performance polos are comfortable for the course, breathable for the boardroom, and look just as good when it’s time for happy hour. But, let’s be honest - in a world full of options - figuring out which performance polo is right for you can be confusing. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Consider this your ultimate performance polo cheat sheet.

What Makes A Performance Polo Different?

When figuring out which performance polo is right for you, there are several things you should be on the lookout for. Our advice? Focus on the features: look for polos with tons of stretch, moisture-wicking properties, easy care benefits, and the added bonus of UPF sun protection.

Fabric Content + Built-In Stretch

Paying attention to fabric content is crucial when it comes to performance polos. Typically, you'll find a blend made of 7-8% stretch materials, such as spandex, tencel, or lycra. The higher this percentage, the more flexible the polo - and the more comfortable you will be. Take our MVP Polo for example. Made from an innovative jersey fabric with an impressive 11% stretch, it can keep up as you bend, twist, or reach while still keeping its form. 

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Moisture-wicking technology plays a critical role in finding the perfect performance polo because it enhances comfort, improves performance, ensures long-lasting durability, and keeps you dry by pulling moisture and sweat to the exterior of the fabric making it easier to evaporate. Polos with these properties are ideal for hot summer days or any active lifestyle.

UPF Protection

When you're out and about, especially under that blazing sun, you need a shield against UV rays. Wearing a polo with UPF protection is equivalent to getting the benefit of SPF sunscreen but with greater certainty of protection because the shirt acts as consistent protection whereas lotions can rub off or become less effective when you break a sweat. All of our performance polos are designed with this in mind and feature permanent UPF protection to provide you with an extra layer of defense against the sun's harmful rays - but that doesn’t mean we suggest skipping the sunscreen. Whether you're hitting the trails, sinking putts on the golf course, or hanging out in your backyard, our polos have covered.

The Perfect Untucked Length

The length of your performance polo is key for all-day comfort and style. Too short, and you’re constantly adjusting; too long, and it looks sloppy. But get it just right, and it sits neatly at your waistline, giving you a polished look without restricting movement. Our performance polos are cut in the perfect length and look good tucked or untucked for easy styling options depending on the occasion. 

Easy Care Benefits

Convenience is key when building the perfect wardrobe, so a performance polo with easy care benefits is essential. These benefits allow you to swing from course to clubhouse, head straight to dinner and out for drinks, and ultimately just toss your polo into the washing machine afterward. Better yet? Once you pull your performance polo out of the dryer it looks just as good as it did the first day you got it. Our easy-care performance polos ensure you're always ready for whatever life throws your way. 


Ready to master your polo game? Our four signature performance polos are designed for maximum comfort and versatility with details as sharp as your short game. You can wear them on the course, at the office, or out for drinks and never have to worry about changing your shirt. So, which one is right for you? Let’s take a look….

MVP Polo: The smoothest, stretchiest fabric we offer in a variety of fresh prints for every occasion.

Wilmington Performance Polo: Soft, breathable knit fabric with a hint of stretch for a sharp, comfortable, and functional fit.

Pinehurst Performance Polo: Smooth, moisture-wicking jersey fabric enhanced with stretch to maximize mobility.

Naples Performance Polo: Innovative stretch fabric designed to be worn before, during, and after every round.