How To Dress For The Holidays

The holidays are certainly a great, yet busy time. While the evening is often reserved for parties and dinners, the days are packed too, with winter inspired events from ice skating rinks to seeing Santa at the mall. There’s certainly no question that with all of these activities on your to-do list, you don’t want to spend any time questioning what you should wear. So, we’ve picked out a few no-fail holiday outfit options for you!

The best part about the cooler weather around this time of year is that it allows you to dress in layers which you can certainly use to your advantage. You can easily make an outfit more dressy or casual depending on your layering choices, and the advantage to that, is then you can do the same thing in reverse!

Headed for a casual outing with friends? Pop on the classic navy and green plaid Woodland flannel shirt with a pair of Flag & Anthem jeans, then finish it off with our charcoal colored Weston shoes made from a durable wool material that provides warmth and a finished look to make it seem like you really have it together. Not only that, throw on a Verbank jacket to really complete the look. It’s a lightweight nylon blend that will block out the wind and the rain give you that extra layer to make you look great.

Do you have an office holiday party coming up? You may not want to dress like you would at work, but you certainly don’t want to look like a slob either. This is also a great time to layer. Take one of our bright colored shirts like the Elroy shirt which stands out with its dobby texture or even one of our more subtle plaids like the Brewster shirt and then layer them under a super comfortable mockneck sweater for a smart look that really stands out. The Willards zip mockneck sweater is really a great choice here! Not only is it constructed from a soft double knit material, but we have it available in five colors on our site! With the Elroy shirt we recommend the Willards in grey, however, with the more understated colors of the Brewster shirt, you can really make the colors pop with Willards in maroon. But it’s also available in charcoal, navy, and oatmeal so you have a lot of options to choose from. Then, depending on how casual or formal the event is, you can either wear a pair of our chinos or a dark pair of denim. Lastly, although the sweater is warm, feel free to add an extra layer so you stay comfortable in cold such as the Rocklin jacket. It has a great design and is also made from a blended wool for an extra layer of insulation.         

However, sometimes during the holidays you will need to amp it up a little bit more and you’ll need a blazer for wherever you’re headed. If that’s the case, we have something for you there too! The grey Avonmore blazer is a great choice for the next time you need a sport coat. It doesn’t only look great but it has an added 2% spandex that allows a bit of stretch to make is super comfortable. It works perfectly with a dressier shirt like the wine colored plaid Carlin shirt as well as many of our other holiday button down shirts. Pair that with dark jeans and finish off the look with our Alden low top sneaker, a comfortable sneaker that’s more refined than a typical tennis shoe due to its elevated cognac color.

No matter what you have planned this holiday season, at we have tons of options for you to look great and feel even better in what you are wearing!