How To Get What You Really Want For Father's Day

Father’s Day is June 16th, and every year it’s the same old question: What do you want for Father’s Day? And every year, you’re faced with the same decision: Do you tell them what you actually want, or what they want to hear? Unfortunately, they’re almost never the same thing.

What Dads Really Want For Fathers Day

This year, instead of adding another #1 Dad mug to your collection or an IOU that you’ll never cash in, do your kids (and yourself) a favor and let them know exactly what it is they can get you. 

Here’s how to give your kids the guidance you want them to have, without having to text them a link to a specific product.


Where Do You Fit In As A Dad?:  Not to generalize, but dads are often hard to shop for. Still, the best Father’s Day gifts do exist. As long as you know what type of guy you are, we’ve got the gift for you.

As a Dad, you fall into certain characteristics that can influence the type of clothes you wear on a daily basis. If you didn’t know, well here you go. These are perfect to get an idea of what you could possibly want for Fathers Day.

For the Grillmaster: Lightweight and comfortable styles for the guy who’s always got something cooking.

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For the Multitasker: Versatile pieces for the jack of all trades.


For the Office MVP: Feature-filled and structured with stretch, these premium performance looks work just as hard as you.


For the Golfer: Whether you should have gone pro or just like to have fun, our MadeFlex Golf Collection is a hole-in-one.


Keep In The Back Of Your Mind

Size Range: It’s always important to know your size range of the type of clothes you wear on a daily basis. Saying things like “I’m an XL, but if that's not available, I like my clothes bigger so go a size up” is very important. Also, make sure you try and put a couple of outfits together when you’re looking for something. Asking for a Polo you have nothing to match with will not look stylish when you’re on the course or at dinner.

Hinting Ideas: Are you a hat guy? Have you wanted to upgrade your polo game for a long time? If you want to make this easy but don’t feel comfortable saying a specific product, just save some styles (The Icon And Journey Shirts have a bunch of different colors) on your wishlist and send that to your kids. Even better, narrow it down for them as much as possible with different products you might like, but leave some room for surprise and imagination in their choices.

Gift Card + Refer A Friend : When in doubt, the gift card is perfect if you don’t want anyone to pick out clothes you may not like in the future. But, if you do want your kids to surprise you, use the refer-a-friend link to give them $20 off what they get you (and guess what? You’ll get $20 for yourself later)

Now instead of saying “Oh don't get me anything”, your children should have no  problem getting you a Father’s Day gift you will enjoy.