Influencer Spotlight!

Influencer Spotlight!

We love seeing our stuff featured on Instagram by real people, people just like you and me. We’ve compiled some of our favorite looks by Instagram influencers around the country to show you how easy it is to wear our signature pieces for any occasion.

Kristi Ridley (@kristiridley)
Kristi Ridley is a blogger and influencer who currently lives life on the road with her husband. She’s also a fan of our cozy women’s shirts -- check out the photo below to see how she styles one of them!

Hunter Vought (@huntervought)
Hunter Vought is a social media influencer with a focus on men’s fashion, travel, and lifestyle. He’s great at putting together simple, classic looks for guys with some of our favorite Flag & Anthem pieces. See how he styles our popular denim below!

Nicole McIntosh (@nicoleamcintosh)
Nicole McIntosh is a fashion & beauty blogger and influencer from Dallas, Texas. She likes to put a fun, feminine twist on classic outfits women know and love. Check out the unexpected way she wears our Pascola shirt!

Davey Fisher (@daveyfisher)
Davey Fisher is a trainer, fitness director, and model. He’s been featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine and happens to be a fan of our comfortable men’s shirts. See how he styles them below!

Kiersten Crowley | @girlwiththepurpleguitar
Kiersten Crowley may be young, but she’s already on the road to achieving to big things. She’s an actress, model, and singer who has sang with some of the biggest names in country. She also looks great in our Desert Son by Dierks Bentley collection!

Kimberly Magness | @kimberlymagness
Kimberly Magness is an actress, host, and model. You might recognize her from her multiple appearances in fashion segments on The Today Show. Check out the simple but timeless way she wore our Desert Son by Dierks Bentley Apache Lake Festival Tee below!

We love seeing our clothes featured on social media, which is why we’re always looking for influencers to collaborate with! It’s a great opportunity to try out high-quality clothes at a discounted cost while helping us grow our social media presence. If you have over 1000 followers on Instagram and are interested in working with us, please contact us at If you’re a college student, even better! We are currently in the process of kickstarting our college ambassador program. You can read more about it here.

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