New Women's Shirts

After the success we had from dipping our toe into the Women’s shirt market, we decided to go even deeper into that pool! Take a look at the Women’s shirt section on our site and you’ll probably notice that we’ve added eight more styles to choose from! 

Now, you can choose between a red, navy, or grey Merrifield Shirt, a comfy double layered button down that has an outside consisting of plaid fabric with a contrasting white mini striped material lining the inside. There's also the Bellamy Shirt, a super soft double layer shirt with a plaid exterior and a mini plaid pattern on the inside available in red, blue, and green. We have the Waverly shirt,  a flowing chambray colored fabric that’s extra cozy. Lastly, we’ve added the Verona Double Layer shirt which has a bold plaid pattern on the outside and a classic mini plaid pattern on the inside.


All of our shirts are designed with a boyfriend fit that’s great for a casual night out, lounging around the house, and everything in between. If you don’t have one of our Women’s shirts yet, please try one out so you can stop stealing his Flag & Anthem gear and have some for yourself!