Our Favorite Taco Trucks!

Why is it that tacos seem to taste better when they’re made in a truck? One may argue that it has something to do with the fact they are being served only steps from the bar you are stumbling from. However, one may just consider this a rule of thumb.

Either way, there are a ton of taco trucks out there, and not all of them are created equal.

However, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite taco trucks in America!

Taceaux Loceaux - New Orleans, Louisiana

If you find yourself in New Orleans, we definitely recommend heading to this truck. Parts of the menu are clearly inspired by their Cajun roots with staples like andouille sausage and gulf shrimp, but we also suggest trying their “Messin’ With Texas” brisket tacos and to grab an order of avocado fries. This is a perfect spot to laissez le bon temps rouler!

Photo by @tlnola  

The Taco Truck of Stuart - Stuart, Florida

It’s tough to miss this big red truck in Stuart, Florida parked on the side of the Dixie Highway, and if you do see it, we think you should stop. This truck may the most diverse on our list and is the envy of some of the larger restaurants around the city. They don’t allow themselves be confined by just tacos, but also serve burritos, tostados, tortas, and a rotating selection of tamales. Plus, they’ve got Chimichangas which are a Flag & Anthem all-time favorite dish because we know you can’t go wrong by deep frying a burrito!

Photo by @samantha_m717

Chela’s - San Antonio, Texas

This award-winning taco truck worth the hype. Consistently ranked among San Antonio's top mobile food trucks, Chela’s makes their tortillas and sauces fresh every day. Their “La Costra del Guero,” a corn tortilla filled with carne asada and saturated in white queso has definitely made this a truck a must while deep in the heart of Texas.

Photo by @festivalsonwheels and follow @chelastacos

Aztec Dave’s - Chicago, Illinois

Found in the Windy City, Aztec Dave’s exemplary taco making makes them a stand out amongst the competitive food truck scene of Chicago. Dave’s menu keeps it simple, with a few proteins, vegies, and sauces. But don’t let the menu’s simplicity fool you, everything you order from the big black truck will live up to the legend of Aztec Gold. 

Photo by @aztec_daves

Torchy’s Tacos - Austin, Texas

Keeping it weird in Austin, Torchy’s Tacos started out as a single food truck. Now, they’ve expanded to 14 locations across America. They specialize in breakfast tacos, which, if you haven’t had one yet, is unbelievable. Their “Ranch Hand” is a local favorite; It comes with fajita meat, eggs, melted cheese, and spicy diablo sauce.

Photo by @torchystacos

Leo’s Taco Truck  - Los Angeles, California

Authentic, in the most literal sense of the word. Leo’s creates by-the-book al pastor (slow roasted pork with pineapple) that’s not only to die for, but roasting on a spit just a few feet from the parked truck. They opened in LA about 7 years ago and quickly became one of the most craved food joins around which can be seen by the throngs of people surrounding this 4-wheeled kitchen on a nightly basis.   

Photo by @yoohong77 and follow @leostacotruck

Tacoway Beach - Far Rockaway, New York

We might be a little biased with this one as it’s one of the locations we used for our summer photoshoot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. Nestled inside the famous Rockaway Beach Surf Club, this taco truck opens every summer to feed thousands of hungry beach goers. Yes, it may be seasonal, but we can still dream about those fish tacos all year long!

Photo by @rockawaybeachsurfclub