To mark the launch of Christian McCaffrey’s new capsule collection Hippie Cowboy, we sat down for a quick Q&A with our favorite running back.

F&A: If you didn't play football, what would your job be?
CMC: Movie production or music.

F&A: What would your last meal be?
CMC: Double orange chicken, half fried rice, half chow mein from Panda Express.

F&A: Mission burrito or sourdough bread?
CMC: Sourdough bread.

F&A: Favorite Zach Bryan song
CMC: That's tough. Probably Someday.

F&A: What was it like playing on stage at Red Rocks?
CMC: That was actually my first Red Rocks concert ever, and so to be able to play the piano in front of that many thousands people was a pretty special moment.

F&A: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your singing voice?
CMC: On a scale of 1 to 10? My singing voice is a 3.

F&A: Go to funny movie?
CMC: Wedding Crashers.

F&A: How many brothers do you have?
CMC: 3 brothers.

F&A: Who's your favorite?
CMC: Don't have favorites.

F&A: Who would be a better stepbrother, John C. Reily or Will Ferrell?
CMC: Probably Will Ferrell.

F&A: Cats or dogs?
CMC: Dogs.

F&A: How fast can you run the 40 yard dash?
CMC: 4.1 seconds.

F&A: Would you ever do the Hot Ones challenge?
CMC: Probably not. I don't want to suffer while I eat.

F&A: Three words to describe your style?
CMC: Simple, quiet, luxury.

F&A: Who's your best dressed teammate?
CMC: Ray-Ray McCloud.

F&A: What is your collaboration with Flag & Anthem called?
CMC: Hippie Cowboy

F&A: When does it launch?
CMC: November 15th at flagandanthem.com.