Three Thanksgiving Outfits

Do you know what you’re doing this year for Thanksgiving? Headed to see friends, family, co-workers? Will you be doing the cooking, or just eating? Is your football team scheduled to play? Of course, these are all important Thanksgiving questions, but here at Flag & Anthem we’ve thought of one important one which you may have missed, and that is, what will you be wearing?

You don’t want to show up for a casual dinner in a suit, but at the same time you don’t want to show up in jeans and a tee shirt.  So, what should you wear? Well, we’ve come up with three Thanksgiving outfit choices that are sure to be a hit this year.

1: Casual

Plaid is always a perfect choice for this occasion, not only does it scream “fall style” but it typically looks good on every guy. Turns out, we have a ton of plaid, so your options with us are not limited. For this outfit we recommend going with the Glenshaw flannel shirt. It’s an update on a classic plaid in a red, white, and blue check which is always a winning color combo. Plus, it’s lightweight so while it is warm, you won’t be sweating any more than necessary at the table when your. Pair it with a Reydon jean, made from a denim stretch fabric, that will allow you pig out and remain comfortable. Lastly, you can complete the look with a brown pair of Hartstown mid-top shoes for a perfect casual Thanksgiving Day outfit.

2: Sort-Of Casual

Headed to a dinner where the host gave you the ambiguous directions, “it’s not fancy but look nice?” Well, we have you covered for something like that too. You’re going to need a sharp looking shirt because a flannel might be just a bit too casual for this event. For this look we suggest the Beeson shirt, a 100% cotton long sleeve shirt with a plaid pattern that is not too bold and perfectly festive for the occasion. Wear it untucked or tuck it into a nice pair of Castleton chinos to really elevate your look. Our chinos are a soft brushed cotton which also have stretch, again for maximum comfort. Finish off the look with a pair of Grantsburg shoes, a sneaker boot that is comfortable and stylish. Lastly, it may be cold and you’re going to need a jacket. A perfect choice for this outfit is the Clemson jacket with charcoal flannel blocked shoulders. It’s quilted pattern will not only look great but will keep you nice and warm as well.

3: Sort-Of Dressy

Were you told that you need to wear a jacket at dinner this year, but you don’t want to wear a suit? May we recommend one of our new blazers? The Avonmore blazer was just added to our site and is available in two colors, navy and khaki. It’s a stylish blazer with a tailored athletic fit, a notch collar, and a single vent which will be sure to make it look like you know how to clean up nice. Wear the jacket over a smart shirt like the Estherville. It has a subtle mini stripe pattern that will add a little texture to your look. Also, you can top this look off with a pair of olive colored Overdye jeans, which aren’t as casual as a blue jean, and a lot more hip when paired with this blazer. Plus, like our other pants, they have a bit a stretch so feel free to go for seconds.  Finally, the Weston shoe, our best seller, is now available in a charcoal wool color, a great choice for Fall!