Tough Decision with Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey has some helpful fantasy football advice for the guys in our exclusive video “Tough Decision”. Watch below and read on for our fantasy advice. 

It’s that time of year again and fantasy football drafts are back! Whether it’s a league with your friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers you met online, we are here to give you some advice. Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be the one holding your league trophy in 2020! 

1. Running Backs will carry your team to a championship. If you’re lucky enough to get a top 3 pick obviously we recommend picking Christian McCaffery. 
2. No matter how tempted you are to pick Patrick Mahomes do not pick a QB first!
3. If you choose a kicker in the first three rounds, you should quit your league, and kindly ask for your entry fee back.
4. Remember that Gronk is retired and he should not be part of your pre-draft plan.
5. Do whatever you can to ensure that Christian McCaffery is on your team! 


Good luck, and you can thank us later...champ.