Untucked Dress Shirts

Looking to toe the line between casual and dressy? Try one wearing one of our dress shirts untucked to achieve this look! Right now, we have six of these elevated shirts to choose from and they are more than meets the eye. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the elevated material that we used for these shirts. We made them with an easy care fabric that doesn’t require much ironing and always looks crisp. Plus it is made with 97% cotton and 3% spandex making it super comfortable and anything but stiff like a traditional highly starched dress shirt. The spandex in this shirt moves with you so it's easy to look good. 
Next, take a closer look and you can really see where we stand out. These shirts aren’t just solid colored dress shirts with no personality.  They have a mini-print pattern to set them apart from the crowd. Look at the Peletier Shirt, from afar it can seem like it’s a sharp looking navy blue shirt. But move in closer and you can see the mini-dot pattern we added to make this shirt subtly stand out.  

Also, don’t forget about the details! The shirts have contrast pattern in the cuffs and in the collar. Simply roll up your sleeves and you can easily show this off. The Sedalia Shirt has a mini plaid pattern to contrast its’ subtle mini dot pattern, and the Hazelton Shirt has a mini striped pattern in the collar and cuffs contrasting the mini plaid pattern on shirt.  These details add a little something to your outfit. It’ll make it look like you put in some extra effort to get ready for wherever you may wind up. 

Lastly, and most important, if you want to untuck your dress shirt you have to make sure it fits! Our shirts have a tailored athletic fit which ensures that it will be the antithesis to one of those boxy dress shirts you find at the department store wrapped around a white piece of cardboard inside of a vacuum sealed bag. Wearing a Frostburg Shirt is going to look a lot better on you than trying to wear one of those other shirts untucked. Plus, the length of our shirt isn’t too long and it isn’t too short, so if tucking in a shirt is your thing, ours are still long enough to make that happen. 

So head to our page and give our new dress shirts a try!