Vinsetta Garage

To showcase our new Fall 2017  line, we took Flag & Anthem straight to the backbone of America’s auto industry. We packed our clothing and went right to Detroit where we met up with photographer Nigel Barker to show off our new styles at some iconic locations embedded within the city’s rich history.

One such place, which we loved, was the Vinsetta Garage, an amazing restaurant serving up delicious comfort food on Woodward Ave. However, it wasn’t always an eatery where you could get a mouthwatering cheeseburger delivered to your plush leather booth. During our country’s high point of cruising and drag racing, Vinsetta was the place to be to talk cars, to fix cars, and simply to check out cars. The garage was originally constructed in 1919 making it America’s oldest garage East of the Mississippi.  

However, after 91 years in business and countless oil changes this hot rod hangout had to close. Their loyal customers were referred elsewhere and residents wondered what would happen to this landmark. That is until a group of restauranteurs stepped in with promises to create a destination serving up delicious classic American fare. Not only that, they preserved history by keeping the façade and art deco feel of the celebrated Vinsetta Garage alive and well.

Simply walking in there for our photoshoot you could envision what it was like almost a century ago as large bodied American cars and trucks went up and down upon their lifts for service. While the Vinsetta Garage reeks of history, today the air isn’t filled with exhaust fumes; instead, you’re engulfed with the savory aroma of fries, pies, wings, steaks, and burgers amongst other delectable food combos. This truly is a perfect combination for Flag & Anthem to fit in seamlessly, a Detroit area hotspot steeped in history where folks can kick back and enjoy some Americana.

Check out the Vinsetta Garage website and menu here! Follow their instagram here!

Thanks to everyone at Vinsetta Garage for hosting our shoot! We had a great time with the nicest people, not to mention killer food! If you are in Detroit, Vinsetta Garage is a MUST!