Quality & Detail

There are a million ways you can blend in with a crowd. Our clothes are not one of them.

Flag & Anthem was started by two guys who appreciate the little details that make all the difference in the world. Our mission is to deliver the best quality at prices that make sense.

We don’t over-design—we pay extra attention to detail that matter.

And we also make clothes for real life: great looking but also durable. (Translation: the buttons don’t fall off after two washes.)



Our direct relationship with the manufacturers we’re able to pass savings along to you.

We’ve been making clothes for guys for a combined 35 years, and we don’t take any short cuts. Because we are the customer, too. We looked around and realized that the problem was that most of our options were either too cheap and disposable or too expensive. The void Flag and Anthem fills is right down the middle.

Our mission was to create a clothing brand you can have a lifelong relationship with.

Not stuff that’s so precious and pricey you’re afraid to wash it or wear it to a game or concert. We wanted to create a value and look that’s distinctive. Clothes with the kind of fit and quality that you can wear and be comfortable in while you enjoy everyday life. Rugged clean, modern looking, but drawing on vintage inspirations. Premium quality fabric and details that reward your attention.  Well constructed shirts and pants that flex when you do.