UNTUCKED: A Complete Guide to Button-Down Shirts

To tuck or not to tuck? That is the question, these are the answers.

Untucking your shirt used to be something you did only after a long day at work or at the end of a formal event as a way to unwind, and it only happened at the end of the day because it was generally thought to look sloppy. Why? Because when you untuck a shirt that’s not specifically designed to be worn that way, it does look sloppy. 

Getting the fit of your untucked shirt right is the key essential to looking polished. A rather challenging feat, however one that we have mastered. All of then men's long sleeve shirts from Flag & Anthem come in the perfect length to be worn tucked in or left untucked, so no matter how you choose to wear them, you always look good and feel great. 

In this comprehensive guide to men’s button-down shirts, we’ll teach you how to style your favorite Flag & Anthem shirts because, let’s be honest, sometimes we could all use a little help getting dressed in the morning. First up: 


GET THE LOOK: Cloverdale Flannel ShirtSterling Jean; Weston Mid-Top Sneaker

Super-soft and comfortable, lightweight yet warm, our Cloverdale Flannel Shirt offers an effortless approach to everyday outfitting. Textured, versatile, and in a classic plaid print, this long sleeve shirt is the one you'll turn to time and time again because it looks good and feels great. It’s easy to wear with everything from jeans and sneakers to chinos or trousers and boots. Better yet? It’s the perfect length to wear untucked, but looks nice tucked in with a belt, too. 


GET THE LOOK: Lavelle ¼-Zip Pullover; Parmer Stretch Flannel Shirt; Vienna Jean

Sweater weather is upon us, which means now would probably be a good time to master your layering game. A good base layer and a good day go hand in hand. So, start the day off right with our Parmer Stretch Flannel Shirt that’s been specially designed to move with you throughout your day, then layer on a super-soft sweater, and complete your look with stretch denim jeans


GET THE LOOK: MadeFlex Voyager Fleece VestPittsboro Flannel Shirt; Castleton Chino; Weston Mid-Top Sneaker

Yes, it actually is possible to achieve all three. Every plaid shirt looks just as good with chinos as it does with jeans. Add a neutral color jacket or vest and your most comfortable shoes for a look that’s suitable for office hours, happy hours, and every hour in between. Pro tip: if you prefer to wear your shirt tucked in as opposed to leaving it untucked, just add a belt. 


GET THE LOOK: Ames Stretch Flannel Shirt; Mauldin Crewneck; Roanoke Jean; Edgemont Boot

This look is a surprisingly good one and can create a casual and cool yet stylish appearance. All you need to do is choose the right flannel - like our Ames Flannel Shirt with added stretch for max comfort - and style it in a polished, layered way. Remember to avoid clashing colors and those that are too loud and choose more subdued hues and neutral options, instead. Pull on your favorite jeans, lace up your boots, good to go!

So, to recap everything we’ve discussed, here are our top tips for wearing your shirt untucked. 

1. Fit Matters: It’s true - when you look good, you feel good. Wearing clothes that fit your body well is the easiest way to look great all the time. If your shirt is too loose and baggy, it looks sloppy. If your shirt is too tight, it’s awfully uncomfortable and sometimes unflattering. To find shirts that always fit, check out the Flag & Anthem Size Guide.

2. Great Lengths: We’ve done all the work so that you can get straight to the good stuff. All of the men’s long sleeve shirts from Flag & Anthem come in the perfect length to be worn tucked in or left untucked, so no matter how you choose to wear them, you always look good and feel great.

3. Personal Touch: Whether you layer like a pro or cuff your sleeves like a champ, one of the greatest things about an untucked shirt is that it always looks good. Find your favorite. Wear. Pair. Repeat.